¨We believe we can build a bright future for our community through education. But first, every child should have access to a bright education.¨

1. Let's Re-imagine Education

At el Jardín we imagine a community where Education, Creativity & Collaboration will inspire new ideas to create a bright future for everyone. We believe that the success of the next generation will hinge not only on what they know, but also on their ability to think creatively & act as community members. 

So, we encourage three principles:


Observe, discover and imagine our world in new ways.



 Build on the ideas of others. Try new ones, lose the fear. There are NO mistakes. 



Teach what you know. Share your skills with the community.

2. Our Mission & Educational Approach.

El Jardín exists to share a non-profit and quality education for every child in our community.  

Our purpose is to create a school that fosters creativity, promotes high academic quality, nurtures human relationships & inspires a growing passion for learning.

At el Jardín we are inspired by Waldorf and Montessori pedagogy, and we believe education should be centered on nurturing every child's potential to flourish.

Everyday we continue to develop a Holistic Education Program under 3 pillars:


  • Self-esteem
  • Awareness
  • Love & Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Joy & Play
  • Collaboration
  • Willpower




  • Practical Life
  • Language
  • Math
  • Cultural Areas
  • Arts & Movement
  • Science & Technology
  • English (ESL)




  • Imagination
  • Openness
  • Inventiveness
  • Curiosity
  • Intuition
  • Improvisation
  • Self-Expression



3. Take Action & Help us Fund the School.

El Jardín is a Non-Profit School funded by donations. We invite you to take action & support this project by Becoming a Sponsor. With your help we will fund the school, increase the number of children benefited, train local teachers & give scholarships. 

100% of your money goes to the School.

A Quality Education Changes Lives.

And it Starts With You.